10 Best Wireless Doorbell (Philippines)

I’m sure you’ve ordered something from Shopee or foodpanda, and you want it delivered discreetly. The thing is, your riders might have no choice but to scream “Shopee!” at the top of their lungs as they wait for you outside.

Keep your secret deliveries a secret with doorbells you can install right into your homes. If you’re convinced, read through this article; we’ve selected the best wireless doorbells (with outstanding features) you can buy online!

Best Wireless Doorbell (Philippines)

Wireless Remote Control 16 Music Melodies Doorbell

Wireless Remote Control 16 Music Melodies Doorbell
This doorbell eliminates the need for complicated wirings. It has a loud, clear sound and features 32 melodies you can choose from!


Smatrul Cacazi Waterproof Wireless Door Bell


This one fits your house’s modern design perfectly. With a sleek design and over 60 melodies to choose from, this doorbell is one you should install in your home.


GZHANGYUN Wireless Doorbell

If you’re not one for DIY home renovations, this doorbell is for you! It’s easy to install and waterproof, making everything from installment to use hassle-free.


Wireless Waterproof Door Bell

This eco-friendly doorbell is ideal for large homes or apartment buildings. It can operate up to 300m (open area) and is durable enough to last you for decades.


Daytech Wireless Doorbell

Daytech Wireless Doorbell
This wireless doorbell is all you’ll need. It has a sleek design, 36 ringtones, and can operate up to 300m (open area), making it the ideal doorbell for your home.


Wireless Voice Intercom Doorbell 2-way Talk

Wireless Voice Intercom Doorbell 2-way Talk
Make your house a safer one with this wireless doorbell with an intercom. Aside from the traditional bell sound, it features a push-to-talk button, so you won’t need to go outside to check who your visitors are.


Synergy Wireless Doorbell Set 2 Remote

Synergy Wireless Doorbell 

You’ll find installing this doorbell a breeze with its plug-and-play mechanism. It also features different ringtones and light indicators for those with impaired hearing.


DAYTECH Waterproof Touch Doorbell Wireless

DAYTECH Waterproof Touch Doorbell Wireless
This one is ideal for those living with the elderly, children, or individuals with disabilities. It features a strobe siren and a call button for emergency purposes.



Keep your house stylish and secure with these finest additions! Get your wireless doorbells now from the links we’ve included above.