10 Best Induction Cooker (Philippines)

With new food, trends come new kitchen technology. Induction Cookers are one of the newest and finest home appliances that you can get on the market! It doesn’t use gas, so it’s safer and can cook food better than your traditional burner stoves.

Hanabishi Induction Cooker

Hanabishi Induction Cooker

This induction cooker is perfect for the multi-tasker (but seriously, don’t do anything else while you’re cooking!). It has an overheat auto cut-off feature and five cooking modes.


American Heritage Touch Type Induction Cooker


This American Heritage induction cooker just brought smart technology into your kitchens! It has a touch screen button, crystal plate, and eight different cooking modes.


KONKA Induction Cooker

KONKA Induction Cooker

This induction cooker is perfect for small kitchens. This single stove cooker has a modern design and it’s very, very, easy-to-clean.


Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-3100HG


Imarflex is back with another kitchen appliance that is perfect for your family! It has 10 power levels and 10 temperature settings, and a child-lock feature to keep your little ones safe.


KYOWA Single Induction Cooker Stove


This induction cooker may only be a single stove, but it’s made for heavy-duty cooking with its durable crystal glass plate. It also has multiple cooking modes to make your dinner preparation a whole lot easier


 XIAOMI Mijia Mini Smart Induction Cooker


This smart induction cooker will give you real value for your money with its durable design. It’s also easy to use with its lone power button and knob to adjust the temperature setting.


Tough Mama Crystal Glass Plate Induction Cooker


Nothing is tougher than Tough Mama. This induction cooker has a crystal glass cooker, seven cooking settings, and an LED display for easy usage.


Hanabishi Induction Cooker HIC 200


Hanabishi is all for easier cooking with its  LED display and slim design. It also has 80% more cooking efficiency than traditional gas stoves and other induction cooker products.


Midea Induction Cooker 1600W


This Midea Induction Cooker just made cooking better with its six different modes and splash-proof protection.


Imarflex Built-in Induction Cooker

Imarflex Built-in Induction Cooker

If you have a big family, this Imarflex Induction Cooker is the best choice for your kitchen. It has a heavy-duty double stove (with a child-lock feature) that is perfect for heavy-duty cooking!


These induction cookers are just begging to be your next sweldo day budol! Get your recipe books out and experience a newer, better way of cooking!